What does it mean to be meaningful?


A meaningful experience is one that impacts the person enjoying it. We want to provide such an experience through messages they learn, things they create, or the friends they meet along the way!


Fullflower Studio LLC is building meaningful experiences in the Metaverse.


Check out our games on Roblox below! 


Creating meaningful experiences to make a positive impact on the world.

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Dress Up | Role Play

Live in an underwater kingdom. Go to mermaid high school and learn how to be the best mermaid! Earn rewards to decorate your home, style your avatar, and adopt adorable sea creatures.

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Adopt a pet! | Role Play

Welcome to My Droplets! The cutest immersive social pet simulation where you can adopt your very own droplets, teach them tricks, take care of and grow with them!


Sword Fighting

Become the master of the blade in this round based sword fighting game!